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As Editor and Publisher, I am very proud of the Wildlife Trends Journal. We have been a recognized publication by the Wildlife Management, Game Management, and Habitat world since 2000.   

You will find the latest trends and information on a variety of wildlife and game management topics, including:

  • Wild Turkey Conservation Trends
  • Eminent Domain – Can It Affect You?
  • Largemouth Bass – Biology,
    Management and How to Catch Them
  • Integrating Wildlife Considerations Into Forestry Operations
  • Fruit Tree Production
    on Your Property
  • Wildlife Trends Journal
    Management Calendar
  • and much much more!

We offer two levels of membership Platinum (Buck) and Gold (Mallard) Membership levels of Wildlife Trends JournalYou’ll have access to the latest trends, science, and technology being brought to the market for wildlife and habitat management.

I want to offer these FREE versions of some of our classic Journal issues as a complimentary gift to you before you join the Wildlife Trends family.

Enjoy them as you consider coming on board …and be sure to tell your friends!

Andy Whitaker, Editor/Publisher


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