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Dave Edwards, Certified Wildlife Biologist®

I have known and worked with Andy Whitaker and the Wildlife Trends team since its inception. You would be hard pressed to find a team that’s more dedicated and passionate about sharing information to help landowners and managers achieve wildlife and hunting goals of their property. Contributors to Wildlife Trends articles include key researchers and experienced “boots on the ground” wildlife biologists that ensure their readers are getting the most up-to-date, practical, and proven management information available. Despite having a Master Degree in Wildlife Management and over 25 years of professional experience managing land and wildlife across the Southeast, I read every issue from cover to cover and routinely learn new and better ways to manage land to achieve desired results. In fact, one of my first recommendations to new wildlife consulting clients is to subscribe to Wildlife Trends as I know they will gain much value from it.

Dave Edwards,
Tall Tines Wildlife & Hunting Consultants, President       
Certified Wildlife Biologist®


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