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Welcome to the first of a regular series of informational blog posts from Wildlife Trends Journal. Wildlife Trends Journal is a bi-monthly publication and website dedicated to providing practical wildlife management information to landowners, land managers and wildlife enthusiasts.

In the upcoming blog posts we will provide you with ideas to help you improve the wildlife habitat on your property for white-tailed deer management, turkey management, quail management, duck management, or any other game or non-game species management. Our “boots and briars” authors provide you the latest research based information to show you what works as well as what has not worked through their experiences. Our goal is to give you management ideas you may have not thought about as well as to save money by learning from other people’s mistakes.

And we cover other subjects affecting land managers these days including predator control (coyotes, bobcats, etc.), wild pig management (pig trapping, sounder control), tree planting for wildlife (fruit tree planting and care, tree pruning, tree fertilizing), pond management (pond stocking, pond weed control, supplemental feeding) and many other subjects.

Thank you for joining us and be sure to check out the sample articles on our website,, and subscribe with us to maximize the wildlife potential of your property.

Andy Whitaker
Editor and Publisher
Wildlife Trends Journal


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