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Welcome to the first of a regular series of informational blog posts from Wildlife Trends Journal. Wildlife Trends Journal is a bi-monthly publication and website dedicated to providing practical wildlife management information to landowners, land managers and wildlife enthusiasts. In the upcoming blog posts we will provide you with ideas to help you improve the wildlife habitat on your property for […]

If at First You Don’t Succeed: Trial and Error Wild Pig Trapping

Wild pigs have become public enemy number one across most of the country.  Many landowners are fighting daily battles in efforts to either reduce or prevent them from damaging their properties. Wild pigs are not native to the United States but were introduced during the 1500’s by explorers traveling across the Southeast. With populations now […]

Tree Planting Tips for Better Deer Hunting

Tree planting time! For most of our subscriber base your deer hunting season is either finished or about to be done. Either way lots of folks are planting both hard and soft mast trees to add wildlife value to their property. Here are a few reminders from our friends at The Wildlife Group to help […]