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Dave Edwards, Certified Wildlife Biologist®

I have known and worked with Andy Whitaker and the Wildlife Trends team since its inception. You would be hard pressed to find a team that’s more dedicated and passionate about sharing information to help landowners and managers achieve wildlife and hunting goals of their property. Contributors to Wildlife Trends articles include key researchers and […]

Joseph Long, retired wildlife biologist

As a retired wildlife biologist and manager of family land for wildlife, Wildlife Trends Journal (WTJ) allows me to keep up with the updated research that is produced that has management strategies I otherwise would not have access to.  Topics covered in WTJ provide a range of wildlife management information, implemented by on-the-ground biologists and […]

Leo Miranda-Castro, Wildlife Manager

As a landowner, tree-grower, wildlife professional, outdoors lover, and hunting passionate, I have always struggled with keeping the focus on what needs to be done at my property in Georgia. I am always looking forward to learning new things, and experimenting with new techniques to increase productivity and the sustainability of the land that I […]